The traffic in Lymm has changed so much over the years and Councillors and residents have become concerned over the number of vehicles on the road as well as their speed.

We now have Phase 1 of the Lymm Traffic Survey Project live and have volunteers hosting sensors in the windows of their houses or business premises at the following locations:

  • Rectory Lane
  • Eagle Brow
  • New Road
  • Dane Bank Road
  • Higher Lane (approaching Budgens)
  • Higher Lane near Grammar School Road junction
  • Rushgreen Road

You can see the live feeds for these sensors here.

Dependent on the results we collect we hope to be able to run a Phase 2 project during 2023 on the main feeder roads into Lymm and any other roads the community may consider has issues with speeding vehicles or high throughput.

  • Whitbarrow Road
  • Cherry Lane
  • Camsley Lane
  • Mill Lane

If you would like to volunteer for a potential future phase, please email the Assistant Clerk with your details and location.

You can read more about these sensors on the technical details sheet or on the sensor’s website.