The traffic in Lymm has changed so much over the years and Councillors and residents have become concerned over the number of vehicles on the road as well as their speed.

Volunteers are being sought in the following locations to host a sensor in a window of their house or business premises:

  • The Cross (village centre)
  • Rectory Lane
  • Pepper Street, near the Village Hall
  • Eagle Brow
  • New Road
  • Dane Bank Road
  • Rushgreen Road/Birchbrook Road
  • Warrington Road/Whitbarrow Road
  • Church Road/Booths Hill Road/Camsley Lane
  • Cherry Lane/Elm Tree Road
  • Higher Lane near Oughtrington Lane
  • Oughtrington Lane

If you would like to volunteer for this pilot please email the Assistant Clerk with your location, or contact for further information.

This scheme will close once a sufficient number of sensors have been deployed.

You can read more on the technical details sheet.