Lymm Parish Council Structure

The Parish Council consists of 12 members. In order to manage Council business and expand resources in a way that delivers best value for money, the Council has adopted a committee structure.

The full Council still makes the most important decisions, such as setting the precept but some committees have delegated authority to make decisions in certain areas.

All meetings of the Parish Council and its committees are open to the Public and Press, except where items of a confidential nature are being discussed.

Council Committees

RESOURCES The Resources Committee is responsible for the management and oversight of all matters related to the Council finances. It is also responsible for setting the rental charges for the hall and for programming repairs and maintenance.
ENVIRONMENT The Environment Committee meets bimonthly to consider recommendations from the environment working group. The working group is attended by representatives from local environmental groups.
STAFFINGThe Staffing Committee meets when required to consider staffing matters including reviewing salaries, positions, performance and policies.
PLANNINGThe Planning Committee meets every three weeks and is responsible for the Council’s function as a statutory consultee on planning application. The Committee submits responses to Warrington Borough Council on all applications.
EVENTSThe Events Committee meets when required to support the various volunteer groups that run events in the village.

Committee Memberships and Lead Councillors


Cllr I Marks (Chairman)
Cllr C East
Cllr T Martland
Cllr K Rurlander
Cllr B Selwood
Cllr S Sharma

Staffing Committee

Cllr R Barr (Chairman)
Cllr I Marks
Cllr K Rurlander
Cllr S Sharma

Environment Committee

Cllr A Johnstone (Chairman)
Cllr C East
Cllr C Oakley
Cllr B Selwood
Cllr S Sharma
Cllr J Stansfield

Planning Committee

Cllr T Martland (Chairman)
Cllr C East
Cllr G Gowland
Cllr A Johnstone
Cllr S Towndrow

Events Committee

Cllr B Selwood (Chairman)
Cllr G Gowland
Cllr A Johnstone
Cllr C Oakley
Cllr K Rurlander

Lead Councillors

Allotments – Cllrs Stansfield & Towndrow

PCSO and Police – Cllrs Martland & Towndrow

Manchester Airport – Cllrs Barr & East

Keep Lymm Kleen Working Group – Cllr Stansfield

South Warrington Parishes – Cllr Marks & Sharma

Neighbourhood Plan – Cllrs Barr, Martland & Selwood

Library and Hub partnership – Cllr Marks

Footpath/Public Rights of Way Working Group – Cllrs East, Oakley & Stansfield

Local Business/Traders – Cllrs Selwood, Sharma & Oakley

Traffic and Speeding Working Group – Cllrs Barr & Towndrow

Events Working Group – Cllrs Oakley, Johnstone & Rurlander

Queen’s Legacy Project Working Party – Cllrs Johnstone, Selwood & Sharma

Village Hall Roof and Capital Project Working Group – Cllrs Barr, East, Marks, Martland, Selwood & Towndrow

Terms of Reference
Published DateDocument TitleDownload
Tue 8th Aug, 2023Staffing Committee Terms of Reference Download
Tue 8th Aug, 2023Resources Committee Terms of Reference Download
Tue 8th Aug, 2023Environment Committee Terms of Reference Download
Tue 8th Aug, 2023Events Committee Terms of Reference Download
Tue 8th Aug, 2023Planning Committee Terms of Reference Download

Councillor Training

DateCouncillorTraining Received
May 2023OakleyInduction
March 2023JohnstoneChair
November 2022JohnstoneIntroduction to Planning
October 2022RurlanderRoles and Responsibilities
May 2022TowndrowFighting Climate Change
March 2022MartlandWorking Together To Make Communities Safer (NALC)
July 2021BarrChair
June 2021TowndrowPlanning
June 2021MartlandFinance
April 2021MartlandNeighbourhood Planning
March 2021MartlandPlanning
March 2021BarrNeighbourhood Planning
September 2020Martland
Roles and Responsibilities
July 2019BarrFinance

All training is provided by Cheshire Association of Local Councils (CHALC) unless otherwise stated.