The three principal themes and priorities for the Parish Council this year will be:

1. Protecting the Green Belt

We will protect the Green Belt by continuing to support and take an active part in the South Warrington Parishes Group. We will continue to support our Neighbourhood Plan Group to produce a draft Neighbourhood Plan which will be ready to go when Warrington’s Local Plan has been submitted for examination in public. We will also be seeking ideas from the public on enhancing the village while protecting the Green Belt.


2. Road and pavement repairs

The Parish Council will continue to press Warrington for swift and effective road, pavement and gully repairs including the maintenance of hedges which narrow pavements unacceptably. It has also become even more apparent during the election that there is concern in the village about road safety, speeding and parking. These issues will be raised alongside improved road maintenance.


3. Green spaces and combatting climate change

Lymm has numerous groups of volunteers and individuals who work to keep the village clean, to improve our green spaces and who work to reduce carbon emissions or promote carbon capture to fight climate change. These groups sometimes operate at cross purposes for lack of coordination. A volunteer body is being set up outside the Parish Council to coordinate these efforts. The Parish Council will monitor the progress of that, will clarify what it can provide funding for, on what terms, and will continue to do environmental work that complements and extends services we receive from Warrington Borough Council.