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The Parish Council has a Plans Committee which meets each month to discuss applications within the parish. The committee has delegated powers to make objections on behalf of the Parish Council.

Planning permission is generally required for carrying out any form of ‘development’ and this includes the use of land and buildings as well as the more obvious construction or alteration of buildings.  Consent is also required from Warrington Borough Council (WBC) for works which alter, extend or would result in the demolition of – or even part of – a Listed Building or properties within a Conservation Area.

Many small-scale operations do not require planning permission. These are referred to as ‘Permitted Development’.

Once an application has been submitted, the Parish Council will pass their comments.  These comments must be taken into account by Warrington Borough Council when they determine the application. If you would like to comment on a planning application, you can do so online by using the link below. You will need the application number.

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Whilst the Parish Council is not legally obliged to publish details of applications which it is consulted on, it will endeavour to keep parishioners up to date. Plans Committee Agendas and Minutes can be found on the Meetings page of this website

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