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Sponsor A Christmas Tree in Lymm Village

As the festive season approaches, Lymm has continued its tradition of decorating the shops and buildings with brightly lit Christmas Trees, nearly sixty in all.

Now though, Lymm Parish Council is giving residents, business owners and visitors an opportunity to get involved by sponsoring a Christmas Tree.

For £30 per tree, sponsors will receive a window cling for their car, house or shop window and a digital sponsor badge to show their support, as well as a thank you on the Lymm Parish Council website.

This year the trees have been sourced from a local nursery and sponsorship of a tree will contribute to these costs. If you or your family would like to sponsor a tree, please complete the online form on this page; Sponsor a Christmas Tree – Lymm Parish Council

If you are interested in sponsoring one of the large trees in the village, get in touch and we’ll make it happen. Contact Assistant Clerk, Rob Tucker, on 07555 252387 or email