Lymm Parish Council strive to help the local comuunity with funding. Some of the organisations that Lymm Parish Council have awarded grants to are shown below.

Grants And Events

Lymm Festival

The first Lymm Festival took place in 1999 and has grown over the years. It now lasts for 11 days & can involve 50+ events promoting the arts and local heritage for the public benefit.

Playability Scheme

Playability is focused on giving young people an opportunity to explore, interact, grow, play, learn, get messy, socilaise, experience new things and have fun. An opportunity they might find hard to get elsewhere.

Youth & Community Centre

Lymm Youth & Community Association is a local charity set up to operate and safeguard the Lymm Youth & Community Centre for the people of Lymm.


The Parish Council funds the Festivities Group that has the hard task of putting all the Christmas trees and lights up. The Festivities Group also dresses the village in bunting for the summer events.

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