Lymm Parish Council is still working behind the scenes to support the village and its residents.

Council meetings will not be taking place and the Village Hall is closed until further notice. Virtual meetings are being explored so watch this space for updates.


We are experiencing an unprecedented event. Coronavirus is a National Emergency, life threatening for people of all ages, everywhere in the UK. To help save lives you must stay at home. This will help protect you and the NHS and frontline staff who are working to save lives. Only go outside for food, health reasons, daily exercise or to work – but only if you cannot work from home.

Anyone can get Coronavirus and anyone can spread it. If you go out, you can spread it. People will die. Act like you’ve got it.

Leave No One Behind in Lymm

A group of local residents, endorsed and supported by the Parish Council, is offering support to those finding it difficult to access the help they need.

If you are self-isolating or affected by Coronavirus and need help with tasks such as shopping, collecting a prescription, dog walking or wanting someone to talk to, then please contact the central team on: 07510 749 854

The phones are operational 7 days a week. Parish Council staff are answering calls from Monday to Friday and ‘Leave No One Behind’ volunteers at the weekends. Every street in Lymm has a designated Street Champion who is able to help residents with key tasks. You will be matched with your Street Champion to get you the support that you need. Street Champions are identifiable with a badge and letter and are following social distancing and safe practices.

Find more information, follow the link

Please take every possible precaution and keep our village safe.