Playing Pitch Strategy Consultation

Warrington Borough Council are now consulting on a Playing Pitch Strategy and want you to get involved. Your views help the Council to understand what residents want and to use public money in the most effective way.

The reason for the Playing Pitch Strategy (PPS) is to provide a framework that will ensure the provision of outdoor playing pitches meet the local needs of existing and future residents across Warrington.

The Strategy has been developed from research and analysis of playing pitch provision and usage within Warrington during 2016/17. Pitch sports were assessed using the guidance set out by Sport England.

The PPS covers the following playing pitches and outdoor sports facilities:

  • Cricket pitches
  • Football pitches (including 3G AGPs)
  • Hockey/ artificial grass pitches (AGPs)
  • Rugby league pitches (including 3G AGPs)
  • Rugby union pitches (including 3G AGPs)

Give your feedback on the Sports Pitch Strategy by 17th February. If you are involved in a local sports club, please encourage other members to complete the survey.

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