Latest from Lymm Parish Council April 2018

Hi there, this is the last Parish Blog before the Council Committees alter in May so watch out for the changes in personnel so that you know who to contact with issues and queries.

The Parish Council has contacted Warrington Borough Council about the repairs that are needed for the setts in the village especially near the Lower Dam. The local PCSOs will be looking at the graffiti and rubbish that is becoming an issue at our bus stops. These will be refurbished to discourage any additions to the graffiti but if you do see a shelter or bench that needs repairing please contact the Clerk

Updates were given on toilets at the dam, the petition to get double yellow lines in Pepper Street (250 signatures so far) and the well-attended meeting with Warrington Borough Council to try and reinstate a proper bus service for Broomedge.

Planning: A full planning application has been submitted for a single storey extension at Keate House, Care Home, reference: 2018-32426

Lymm Parish is running a Park Smart initiative which will run for a week in May. This is in conjunction with the Road Safety Officer from Warrington Borough Council and local schools will be encouraged to get involved. If you live close to a school and have a problem with cars blocking your drive please ring 101 at once so that the incident can be logged and dealt with.

Our lovely footpath wardens Tony Elbra and Wendy Booth retired this month and the Parish Council is hoping to recruit replacements. There are 47 footpaths in Lymm so the more wardens the better. If you would be interested in this volunteer position a meeting is being held on Wednesday 18th April at 7.30pm in the village hall please come along.

Finally, on a positive note – thanks was given to the Parish Clerk for organising a very successful creative weekend at the village hall. A lot of delighted people took part in the arts and crafts and holistic treatments etc that were on offer. The annexe was packed with a very keen ‘bunting’ group, whilst a lot of people took the time to explore age old crafts such as knitting and crocheting.

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